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Winter RECITAL 2016

This performance showcased our HYSOC musicians performing:

Peer Based Group Ensembles

“Swallowtail Jig” – Traditional
Neviya Reed (Violin) Avram Salzmann (Cello) and Iris Downey (Bass)

“March in G” – J.S. Bach
Avram Salzmann (Cello), Clyde Clemens (Cello)

“The Two Grenadiers” – Schumann
Teddy Handley (Violin), Sylvia Clemens (Violin), Clyde Clemens (Cello)

“Minuet 1” – J.S.Bach
Chloe Adkison (Violin), Ava Halstead (Violin), Morgan Whiteside (Violin), Lawson Walls (Bass)

“Witches’ Dance” – Paganini
Zoe Stonorov (Violin), Roan Rediske (Violin), Miles Catlin (Viola)

“Bourree” – G. G. Handel
Maggie Mae Gaylord (Violin),  Sammy Walker (Violin)

“Minuet in G” – Beethoven
Rosy Kauffman (Violin), Ethan Benedetti (Viola)


Chamber Group

“Blue Rhythmico” – Kirt Mosier
Brandenburg Concerto No. 3″ (first movement) – Bach arrangement by R. Meyer
Teddy Handley (Violin), Sammy Walker (Violin), Ethan Benedetti (Viola), Avram Salzmann (Cello)


Orchestra Groups

Allegros – Our older students
“Andante Festivo” by Jean Sibelius, “In the Bleak Midwinter” by G. Holst and “Allegro for Cello and Strings” by Vivaldi arranged by Fishburn

Tuttis  – Our full orchestra
“Aurora Borealis” by Michael Hopkins, “Aspen Glow” by Susan Day and “Bach Country Fiddles” by Richard Meyer


Master Class a Huge Success!

The Master Class is behind us now, and I think everyone can agree that it was a huge success! All of our students were able to attend almost all of the workshops, a good show of parents at the parent talk demonstrated our dedication to the program, and the fabulous potluck rounded out a weekend of fun and inspiration. Perhaps Master Class can become a regular event for the Homer Youth String Orchestra – please share your thoughts with Lisa or Kate.

Many thanks to our Oversight Committee for organizing the potluck, to Arlene Adkison for her fabulous photos (check under the PICS tab), to Monica Stockburger for making all the arrangements with West Homer Elementary AND for coordinating childcare, to Jessica Schallock for piano accompaniment, to Jenna Fabich for childcare, and to Carol Ourada for braving our rainy season to share her love of music with our children. And a HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE to Lisa for being there every minute, for teaching our children and for continually encouraging all of us parents. You’re the best, Lisa!