Farmers’ Market 2016

HYSOC kicks off their 2016-17 season with a Farmers’ Market performance with a few members from all of our groups!


Songs Performed:

Angelina Baker
Bile Em Cabbage Down
Cripple Creek
Old Joe Clark

The Happy Farmer
Minuet 1
Hunters’ Chorus
Fan Dance

Aspen Glow
Blue Rhythmico
Fiddle Faddle Hoedown

Witches Dance
Bach Country Fiddles

Ash Grove
Perpetual Fiddle Motion
Buffalo Gals
The Butterfly
Mairi’s Wedding

Swallowtail Jig
Kesh Jig
My Darling Asleep
Home on the Range
Simple Gifts

Homer Youth String Orchestra Members

Violin Lisa Schallock,  Rosy Kauffman, Teddy Handley, Maggie-Mae Gaylord, Sylvia Clemens, Ava Halstead, Chloe Adkison, Neviya Reed, Daniel Perry
Cello David Clemens, Clyde Clemens



Fiddle Faddle Hoedown