Halloween Concert 2022

This performance, conducted by Abimael Melendez, showcased our HYSOC musicians performing:

Overture Strings

Rolling Along Anonymous

Overture Strings and Octaves

Bile’em Cabbage Down Traditional

Scherzos and Codas

Fiddles on Fire M. Williams
Dragon Hunter R. Meyer
Curse of the Rosin Eating Zombies from Outer Space   Meyer


Phantom of the Opera A.L. Webber/arr. by Moore
Priates of te Caribbean K. Badelt/Arr. by Ted Rickett

All Groups

House of Untold Horrors L. Bernofsky

Overature Strings Members

Violin Eden Austin, Eiven Caryk, Ila Johnson, Joseph Johnsrud, Renn Lorentz, Renn Marden, Taiga Reader 
Cello Rubis Gervais
Bass Che Lorentz

Octaves Members

Violin Eden Austin, Rei Beams, Micah Bunker, Adela delUz, Declan Gaylord, Margaret Gervais, Gianna Traugott
Cello Rubis Gervais

Scherzos Members

Violin Micah Bunker, Daniel Christ, Morgan Harness, Espen Hennick, Isla Klann,
Ellis Lorentz, Cecily Shavelson, Sophie Williams, Maggie Gaylord
Cello Isolde Raupp, Lila Shavelson
Bass Judah Klann

Coda Members

Violin Melissa Bunker, Daniel Christ, Devry Garity, Maggie Gaylord, Ted Handley, Chris Kulcheski, Lyn Maslow, Jody Mastey
Viola Linda Reinhart
David Clemens, Jane Weibe
Bass Sharon Roufa