Spring Concert 2019

HYSOC honors four graduating seniors and celebrates their musical accomplishments with mysterious, thrilling music from Spain, the brilliance and charm of a child prodigy, olympic inspiration, a tango, and more in solos and unique collaborations.

This performance showcased our HYSOC musicians performing:

Sinfonia No. 2 in D Major – Mendelssohn arr. Moss
Ring of Fire – Kathryn Griesinger
Rise of the Olympians – Brian Balmages
Solo for Viola – Geddy Miller
High Jinks – John O’Neil (Ethan Benedetti (senior) , Horn)
It Takes One To Tango – Brian Balmages
Asturias -Albeniz, arr. Stephen Chin
Surge – Bruce W. Tippette

Overture Strings show off their accomplishments. Accompanied by our HYSOC musicians.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Latin Variation – Vendsen/Suzuki
Ring of Fire – Kathryn Griesinger
Ode to Joy Theme and Variation – Beethoven
Autumn Rhumba – GR. Anne Svendsen

Homer Youth String Orchestra Members

Violin Sylvia Clemens, Maggie-Mae Gaylord, Rosy Kauffman, Sean Raften, Neviya Reed, Morgan Whiteside
Viola Teddy Handley (senior), Mia Groves, Goldie Hill
Cello Clyde Clemens, Avram Salzmann (senior)
Bass Lawson Alexson-Walls, Iris Downey Guitar Sammy Walker (senior) Horn Ethan Benedetti (senior)

Overture Strings Members

Violin Fiona Ahern, Etta Bynagle, Daniel Christ, Fletcher Darr, Ayda Henry, Ellis Lorentz, Abby Ostrom, Tait Ostrom, Cecily Shavelson,
Cello Cecily Shavelson,
Bass Judah Klann

Watch the complete performance