Homer Youth String Orchestra Club

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The Mission

To foster the orchestral arts for Homer area Youth

Our Goals

Master Skills

To teach students to master skills that will enable them to perform music well on their chosen instrument, leading to lifelong enjoyment and personal fulfillment through music.

Decision Making

To teach students to make decisions in situations where there are no standard answers.


To develop students’ understanding of and appreciation for music as a vehicle for creative self-expression and as a key to understanding past and present human experience.

Nonverbal Communication

To teach students to analyze and interpret nonverbal forms of communication and make informed judgments of cultural products and issues.

Respect Others

To teach students to adapt to and respect others’ ways of thinking, working, and expressing themselves.

Problem Solving Skills

To teach students artistic modes of problem solving, which bring analytical and developmental tools to every situation.

Message from our graduating Senior

Rosy Kauffman

The Homer Youth String Orchestra Club is a family of like-minded musicians, parents, and teachers coming together to create music. As a senior, I look back on my years with HYSOC and everything I learned can be summed up in a single sentence: there is always more to learn. I will never know everything, and some of the most valuable lessons can come from the youngest learners.

On a teaching note, Lisa Schallock and Daniel Perry helped me grow and challenge myself as a musician. Under their instruction, I learned when to lead, and when to follow. That little girl who struggled to play three notes correctly grew into a confident young musician. Lisa’s teaching laid the foundation, and Daniel taught me to connect with my fellow musicians. I cannot say enough good about these instructors. They genuinely care about each of their students. I will be forever indebted to them for their contributions to my musical journey.

As I open a new chapter of life, I look back on those memories with fondness: fun times with fellow students, the hours learning new concepts, and the thrill of making music together. I hope the next generation of students can enjoy the same wonderful experiences I did. No matter where life takes me, my time with HYSOC will aways hold a special place in my heart.

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